Trouble Autobinding dropdown field

I have an Account page where users can edit their User data (e.g. name, bio, etc).

All User fields on the Account Page use auto-bind and work great with the exception of two: Job Function and Job Title.

Users are to select Job Function and Job Title from an admin-supplied table.

Table is stored in a Data Type called Roles. Roles has fields for Function and Title. A screenshot is included below.

Any ideas on how to get the auto-bind to work in this scenario?

Here’s a video that shows the issue in case the explanation above isn’t clear:

Seems like this should be easy. What am I doing wrong?

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Have you correctly configured auto-binding roles in Privacy Rules? This will likely be the issue.

Secondly, if the data type is Roles (or any custom data type), is your dropdown the same matching data type or is it just text?

Data types need to match up :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Reece, thanks for the reply.

Re: Privacy. When Current User is This User, the user can auto-bind the fields in question. In other words the correct “allow auto-binding” boxes are checked.

Data Type:

  • the User data type has text fields “function” and “title”
  • the Role data type also has text fields “function” and “title”
  • I want to populate two dropdowns, one for each of function and title, using lists of Role things.
  • I want the user’s dropdown selection to auto-bind to the corresponding User text fields

Hope that helps clarify. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks again!

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