Troubleshooting API backend workflow not updating field values

Hello I am new at bubble (90 days) long hours of tutorials but also working on an MVP to get it out asap and catch up to using the system. Might be low hanging fruit here but been troubleshooting for a few days which is when I feel less guilty for reaching out for tips or assistance…

My app is an SPA and most of my features (settings, Project, etc) are working well enough howver I have one section for user sign up data aka first last company name etc which an API runs upon user creation

I cant for the life of me see why when I enter the text values and save the data sometimes sticks on the backend (viewing my App Data) and sometimes not. On top of this it never saves on the front end to view.

Here are some screenshots. Little sloppy but hopefully enough to get a starting point

Side note I am not seeing any debug errors as well

in short I select the edit icon enter the field values > select save then move to another area and come back (or refresh) and the data is gone on the front end. Back end sometimes is there sometimes not (mostly not)

I never see you triggering any of the backend workflows to run from a front end workflow.