Trying to draw people to a current person page

Hey so ive been working on my app its been going well im just a little stuck on what to do here…
i was wondering how if i could ? how can i trigger a specific number of people within the app to view the current persons page? Anyone can answer please help me with this if you can;) !? @duke.severn

Hi, happy to help.
Could you please add some more context?

Who is the current persons page?

Do you mean that you have a landing page, with a group that shows a particular user and if you click it, you use the workflow: Navigation, go to page: with a new page, called “User” you created, that is datatype user. And that shows more of that user on its page, such as their description, hobbies, profile image using the data source “current page`s user?”??

Basically I’m using the tinder like app so it will show users profile pictures but I want the current user page to reach only 40 people before the process starts over then current user page reaches 40 ppl again

And thank you so much for trying to help me

Like I’m trying to make it to where if current user does a action then current user pop up on 40 people’s phone

ok I understand:

Each user has a field “list of users shown”.

If current user does an action in that workflow do:
Make changes to a list of things. Select the type users
list to run on: Do a search for users: items until #40
list of users shown add: current user.
2020-07-06 23_06_24-Tiplisterphoenix _ Bubble Editor
(In my screenshot “following me” is a list of users

this means that if the other user has a repeating group type users data source: list of users shown. the current user is now added to that list of users.

Okay I get it but I was wondering how do I know if the other user has a repeated group or list

I meant repeating group type user data source

Also if I could can I make it to where if current user swipes 20 people then they pop up on 40 people phone ?

I recommend you watch this:

You could have a field that is type number (underneath user) that counts up by one for every swipe.
Then if a certain number of swipes is done, pop up on a certain amount of users feeds.

Each user has a repeating group as this is how bubble apps are set up.

A repeating group is used to display lots of similar data e.g. all users who swiped right on you or all users who are within 2km of you. Each time you want to retrieve the same info: the users name, their age, their occupation and their profile picture. Hence you use a repeating group.

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Thank you so much definitely a blessing to have ppl like you on here❣️

on what i screenshotted above add a condition to only when:
only when current users swipe counter is 20: do a search for items until#40.
only when current users swipe counter is 40: do a search for items until#60 etc.

i recommend you use api workflows though (avaiable on paid plan) as this process will take a while with bubble.

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Thank u so much I’m about to try it now

Hey I have another question if you don’t mind me asking … on the screen shot you took Thats make change to a list of users … if when I click ( only when ) and click current user there’s not a option for a swipe count? Should I just leave it empty ?

I just figured it out thanks lol

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