Trying to "Requery" the source of a drop down so that new items appear in the list straightaway

I think this is simple and I’ve just forgotten what to do.
I’ve got an “Add Item” option in a dropdown so that when a user selects it, a PopUp displays where they can enter a new item in the Products data type.
Thing is, once they’ve added the item successfully, I want it to appear in the drop down’s list of options straightaway without any input from the user. In other systems I’ve used this has meant Requerying the source of the Dropdown but I don’t know how to achieve this in Bubble. Can anyone point me to it?

You shouldn’t need to do anything… in Bubble that should happen automatically…

Are you saying it’s not?

Thanks Adam, I thought the same but it seems not to be happening on mine so I figured I’ve missed a step…
Could be my hardware. I’ll try a reboot and report back.

What is the dropdown’s datasource?

Just food for thought, @joefarrowsmith, but If you wanted to do the user a favor, you could auto-select the new item in the dropdown after the user adds it (I assume they added it so they could immediately select it), and you could do that by setting a custom state to the newly-created item and having the dropdown’s default value set to the custom state. Again, just food for thought.


Here’s a screenshot of the dropdown’s datasource…

There are two searches. The first ensures that “Add New Item” is at the top of the list and then it Merges with another search that simply pulls out the products that this user created.

I’m guessing that’s where my issue is coming from. In order to see a newly added product in the list, I have to close and reopen the popup that the dropdown appears on.

Mike, Thank you. I like this and hadn’t thought about it. It makes sense and I’ll give it a go when I get to it.

All the best

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I’ve created a workaround in the form of a “Refresh” icon that sits next to the dropdown and simply fires up a workflow that Hides then shows the PopUp they’re on. Seems to work but it’d be nice if it were all automatic.

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