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Tutorial - How to setup Jitsi Meet (Unlimited Video Conferencing)

Hey all,

@lantzgould when you selected a droplet you selected a $15 per month plan. What made you choose that? How would I know what my monthly usage will be?

All the best,

Hi, I hope @lantzgould or anyone else can help me out here as I have no idea what to do next here:

I successfully installed Jitsi on DigitalOcean (it shows on my subdomain). I now want to start customizing it but my DigitalOcean console seems to be stuck with this screen (attached). None of the instructions you see on the screen work when I input them and press enter. How do I proceed? i.e I don’t know how to exit this screen which does not seem to be doing anything.

This is time sensitive so your guidance will be much appreciated.

Thank you

This has been solved, thank you

Hi Guys

To anyone who has installed Jitsi on DigitalOcean, I need help with this please: I have installed a Jitsi droplet and have made customization changes on the DigitalOcean console as per the instruction video above but for the life of me I do not know what command to use to save the changes as they do not seem to save in real time.

I typed " :qa:! " as I saw some people say but this just takes me back to root without saving any of the changes I made.

Please help.