Twilio unique verify codes for each attempt

I’ve integrated Twilio directly via API.
They generate codes for me.
But they generate 1 code for 1 phone.
I want to generate new code when tapped “Resend a new code”.
Kauri send new code only if old attempt is “approved”

Yet you tried below api details?

yes, exactly

if you want to re-send code then, call the api for get codes.
If you want to resend the token code for the already approved phonenumber then,
You can use below api to update the status of phonenumber into “cancelled” and then call the api to fetch the code.
I hope it can send the code to the phone.

thank you, appreciate it.
every time I call api to get code, it gives me the same code number.

I tried to update status to from “pending” to “cancelled”, it did not help at all.

Twillio send me code every time I ask them. but they send me THE SAME CODE EVERY TIME. I want UNIQUE CODE EVERY TIME

They also provide “Custom codes feature”, but they have poor documentation and it’s unclear whether I would achieve unique codes with it

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