Twillo/SendGrid Denying Me An Account

Im currently in the process of being banned from Mailersend haha their automated system said i was suspended but a minute later theyre support rep said congratulations youre approved. I can intermittently access the dashboard and my domain says approved but half the time im restricted from accessing the dashboard. Still waiting to hear back from the support people. Looking into loops … postmark works great but i cant figure out how to send dynamic images.

@palateandcraft I was leaning towards Postmark, but clicksend looks pretty sweet! How intuitive are there bubble apps to work with in the editor? Do I need to make workarounds, or is it plug and play?

geez, Mailersend was one of the alternatives I was looking into… Thanks for the heads up! haha

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I experienced the same thing, tried multiple times but couldn’t. Their customers service is non existent … Just a horrible experience in general . I later tried Postmark and I’m loving it… easy setup and the approval took a day or less…

My email delivery rate is 100% so far,

So give them a try…

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Have you used the email before? For sending I mean.

Bubble uses Sendgrid by default (I think)… So to use service like Postmark etc, you sometimes need a simple workarounds when doing some certain things eg sending a password recovery email … etc

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Yeah, it seems like everything just works like magic for the bubblers that are able to get a Sendgrid account… I wish bubble offered 2 or 3 options as the “default” for those of us that are denied by twilio!

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No it’s a new domain that was just registered. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong on the DNS but I’m still learning. I’m not sure how to set up a d Mark at the moment

Its an Easter miracle!! Finally got approved by Postmark.

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Update: I was quickly approved by Postmark and have been happy with the product thus far. After several back-and-forth’s with Twilio/SendGrid support, they too just approved me over the weekend. I am going to continue to use Postmark for as much as I can, but keep the SendGrid account active as a fall back. I have some complex email requirements coming up in the build that SendGrid being integrated natively into bubble will probably be easier to build with. Basically I will be using both now. So… if you are reading this in the future and deciding between the two feel free to message me about my experience with the two. I may make a post after some time has passed with my thoughts as well.