Two Consecutive Pop Ups

Hello, everyone! I created a form in a pop-up and when I clicked its button “Submit”, I want to show another pop-up that says “Submitted!” as a confirmation. I tried it but the last pop-up won’t appear. Is there any video available for that?
Thank you!

Do you hide the first popup on “submit”? Maybe the second popup is hidden behind the first one.

Yes, I hide the first pop-up. Then show the second one at the workflow.

Why don’t you add a hidden/collapsed confirmation group under your sign up group in the pop-up and only show once state of pop-up is “show”?

Set state of pop-up to “show” once user signs up or whatever.

Hey there @ggaranas18,

Can you show us your setup for your Submit and Submitted popup? Are they both pop ups? Is one of them a group and another a popup?

Simple. After last step on workflow for Submit, add a pause, hide first popup, start the Show Alert Popup.

Other way would be using TOAST Messages. Simple plugin on the marketplace. Free.

Another alternative, is to set a STATE of something to “SUBMITTED” or “YES” and change the title of the button to “Submitted” once the state is in effect (after the user submits). A cleaner approach.

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