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Two sign ups and two log ins for two different user groups

I would like to build a two-sided platform where one side (the Users) can read content and the other side (Clubs/Organizations) can create content/news.

For that I would like to have two different sign ups and two different logins such as:

  1. Sign Up as User
  2. Sign Up a new Club (this person is suppose to manage the news content generated by that club)

Approach so far:

  1. Sign Up as User

    • Use the pre-installed “Signup / Login Popup”
    • Data Type: User
  2. Sign Up as new Club

    • Created new data type: Clubs
    • cloned the pre-installed “Signup / Login Popup” to adapt it afterwards

… here the questions basically already start:

How do I make sure that email and password is attached to the user type “Club”? The login credentials for the two user types should be saved in different databases as a person should be able to use the same e-mail address for each of the two roles.

Hey @joerg.kattner,

Bubble’s user registration system intentionally restricts 1 email address per user, so you’ll have to re-structure a little to make this work. If a user can act as both a User and a Club, then I suggest that you simply allow the user to switch between roles once logged in. You can use conditionals to then retrieve the appropriate data that user state should be looking at.

You could have a field that stores the current state of the user (either User or Club). If registrations can be an and/or situation, then have yes/no fields under the User data type for each type: User = yes/no, Club = yes/no. This allows for the possibility for that user to be both.

Also note that user credentials are tied to the User type. Yes, you can create a separate type to keep other info separate, but anyone that logs in will have a User record. Does this help?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks @romanmg. Yes that helps a lot in guiding me in the right direction.

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