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Type of content

The ‘Type of content’ field on my homepage is blank. But on the next two pages, which the bulk of the workflow is on, this field, ‘Type of content’, is set to ‘daily log’. And they work well together. The issue that I am having is that I am showing 4 issues due to the fact that the homepage ‘type…’ does not match. If I change the ‘Type…’ to User or daily log I end up getting 11 issues. Am I missing something here? Thanks.

It’s hard to tell without a link to your editor, but it sounds like you are trying to send data to your homepage, and your homepage doesn’t have a type associated.

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I’m actually just using the homepage as a login which immediately redirects the user to another page which has a calendar and input elements. Once the user selects a calendar date, inputs data and clicks save they are then redirected to page which displays information of the calendar event. So no. I don’t think I’m sending data to the first page or even from it. I’m only sending data between the following pages.