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i’m developimng a CRM my porpuse is letting users create their own pipelines and in that pipelines they have costum fields(data types for their bussiness needs) . when they created a deal
my database is like this;

i have pipelines for users (like operations, sales, support (ticket)

and there is deals of the pipelines (which is actualy costum fields created for that pipeline)

so there is a page to create pipelines, and adding costum field to that pipeline

so when somenone created a pipeline they are adding costum-fields for that pipeline, after that when they what to create a deal,

name needed for deal, after creating deal it does a search for current pipelines needed costum fields.

you can see ui from here

and WF is like this

so they are creating costum-field-values assosiaced with that costum field - and deal

at the deals page i want to show their created deals,

for that i created a repeating group like this; it is limited to 1 column

inside that repeating group a TABLE element which is limited to 1 row, searcihg for costum fields associated with parent goups deal;

and inside the horizantal table at the repeating column there is a group does a seach for costum-field-values assosiaced with both parent groups costum fields deal and the costum field type is parent group costum field

so i want user to see every costum field and value if there is one (if there is no value associaded with current deals,current costum-fields, an input to create one)

it doesnt worked this way do you have any idea how this kind of app would be more optimised from Uİ and database structure ? i need ideas thank for you helps.
also if there is freelancers looking for such jobs please contact me !

Man this post is a bit confusing mate. I think you should use Translate to give a better explanation of your problem. This doesn’t really make sense.

I edited the post can you check again and tell me is it clear?

maybe we could get on a call to discuss better

The below loom video shows how we fix them, and if anyone needs help, I would love to help them. anything. This community has given me a lot. Thank you all

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thanks a lot. you give a really good effort, understood the problem well and solved quickly with a realy worhy advertising. we will contact again if i got stuck at anywhere well done thanks a lot again.

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