Unable to collect CC with Stripe.JS plugin

Hello there! I having difficulties collecting CC using stripe plugin. I have entered the Live secret key & Live Publishable key from my stripe account. However, I was not able to locate the LIve Client ID and therefore, I left that blank.

Now I am trying to save payment information but, it’s saying that “You did not set a valid publishable key…” (please see the attached screenshots).

Can someone please guide me on what am I doing wrong here. Thanks!

Hello @sublify.co,

Please double check to make sure you are not on the development version when trying to input your credit card information.

I believe that is the issue because as seen in the attached screenshot it says you are in “Test Mode” meaning you are testing it on the development version.


Thank you Johnny for your prompt response. Can you please advise how to change testing from development to the live version?


On your application page press the share button and press the drop down and you will see live press that and press done,


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Thank you Jeff!

Hey @sublify.co,

If you wish to test it in development mode also you can simply input your Stripe test API keys and use their test cards attached below.


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Thank you Johnny, yes this helps too. I was able to test in the test environment as well. Thank you again!

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