First image of the repeating group is other than the rest

Hello everyone.

I have a Product data type and it has a logo and images fields (both images). I want to display the first image in the rg to be the product’s logo and the rest to be it’s images. How can I make it?


I belive you are talking about list of images.
If yes, then you need to have 2 repeating groups. One parent and one child.
Parent repeating group will have 1 row and 1 column displaying image:first item (make sure you upload the logo first and rest of the images later)
Child repeating group will not have restrictions on the rows and columns displaying:from item 2

Hope this works


Thank you very much for your response. Honestly it wasn’t the clear answer for my question, but you gave me a hint to continue

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Glad to know that !!

I’d want to caution against nested RGs, as time complexity increases. If you know you have one image, then the simplest solution would just be to have one image (logo) next to the RG and the RG show the rest of the image.

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The problem here is that, the logo would be fixed in this case, but the rest of the images would be scrollable

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