Unable to reset password


I have been unable to reset my user’s password for the past month.
“This token is not a valid token. Please request a new password reset email”

I have tried both the bubble automatic reset password event and another technique (creating only the token, then sending an email with this token in the url)

My app used to use the technique based on creating a token as part of the URL sent as an email in a workflow “send email” (using keys and parameters).

Email is sent correctly, is received, contains token (as “reset here” text with regular bubble workflow, or as URL using token creation only + send email wf) but does not work when reaching the reset_pw page.
The bubble workflow would send us to “unsecured site” url4528.fivestarsdelivery.app (we have inputed it in our godaddy as CNAME to url4528.sendgrid.net ) and email workaround toggles token error message.

It has been working before, so it is very frustrating that it doesn’t anymore. I have been seeing my connected user count go down on a daily basis because of that and some partners have lost access to their account. I use sendgrid for emails and use a personalised domain name.

Any idea to help ? website is here

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