Upgrades to Endpoint APIs Co-Sponsorship - 65% CLOSED 😄

Thanks for @dyl78, @mentiumapps, @andrew, @collegefund.me, @JohnMark for their contributions :sunny:

Remaining to reach our Goal of $ 2,300 / 3,500

##Remaining amount to 3,500 will be covered by me!

Many of us using Bubble.is recognize that the currently available features in the API Workflow – API End Points require several improvements to be better efficient and are missing some key features when compared to the API Connector. This limitation has caused Bubble to somewhat be limited regarding End Points that your serve or when handling incoming web hooks.

The sponsorship here is focused on upgrading those endpoints to try to make them more robust and useful. So if you feel like you can benefit from this please direct message @alifarahat with your Name, Phone & email to join this co-sponsorship or to ask questions. If you love Bubble and the people committed to making your dreams come true through Bubble, then please show interest.

Feel free to contribute anything you can. We all need these improvements at anytime or the other. At this time the total costs are USD 3,500.

What’strong texts included

Identifying/Read/Store nested fields & arrays
This will give us the ability to read/store data passed in nested fields. Please see example below

Identify/Read/Store Headers
In some instances, data is passed through the header of a call. The example below contains an incoming Webhook from Shopify. Some of the data needed are only available in the header.

To get the ball rolling I will begin by contributing $1000

Come on guys!!!



Hoping someone here will be interested in this

@AliFarahat - thak you - I am interested, however the cost of the sponsorship is much too high from my perspective.

@emmanuel - Is there any specific reason why this feature should not be provided for in the core Bubble application without sponsorship? i.e. this seems to be a core functionality of many typical Webhook deployments which Bubble does not support. Is there a particular reason why Bubble can’t support this feature without sponsorship? I am just trying to understand your thought process.

Thank you.

You’re right, it’s quite core, but it’s not what most users are asking for currently, and what they’re asking for (and our current roadmap) is core as well…

Sponsoring a feature is not about core versus non-core, it’s a way for users that are blocked by a missing feature and are building a commercial app (hence have a budget) to make sure they can achieve what they want. What startups usually do when someone asks for a feature is ‘Great, thanks for the suggestion’, and nothing happens… We don’t want to do this as we know that some users may need a feature that is blocking them.

We want to give the insurance to users that if they really need something they have a way to get it (of course if the feature is realistic).


Hey @collegefund.me

I know the budget is quite high as it is shared between the interested people. Are you still interested in making any kind of support towards this.

Let me know

Hey all,

I changed the sponsorship structure to allow anyone to contribute what ever amount they can.

Message me with questions or to pledge an amount

I’d be open to pitching in. What is the mechanism for handling this? A Kickstarter campaign that is promoted via the forums may actually help. You know how it goes if you make it easy to click and pay …

I’m willing to contribute $200 to this.


I’ll match that with my $200. Who’s next?


@mentiumapps @dyl78 thanks guys keep it up. Who’s next

Im in with $200


Thanks @andrew

By the way guys we have a small set back as one of the users has retracted

Come on guys I know more of you need this feature. Contribute now :smile:

Thank you for jump starting the creation of new features in Bubble! It’s exciting to see other people investing in the success of the platform. If this was something I had a need for I would be all over helping support it. I think you’ll get there no problem with the help of the community, give it some time, a lot of Bubblers do not access the forums frequently and probably rely on the summary email notifications from Discourse.

Thanks @philip

I will hold on for a bit longer and I am happy with the responses so far.

The API connector is in the top 3 most useful features of Bubble, any additions will allow greater quality builds, I am happy to help where I can, but, I will double my offer if we can add the following:

Basically I have a list of responses from an API. The Returned Values - only returns matches with first example.


This issue with this, if second response, has additional fields, these will be missed on the Returned Values

See Raw Response with additional fields, not picked up by the API connector.

i.e fields missed by the API connector

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I don’t think you need an additional feature on it. Why don’t you initialize the call to include all the data.

I believe this was you will always capture the fields Everytime they show up. Might be worth opening a separate topic on the forum,. The way I understand it is it’s your job to initialize the API using the correct call to return all the fields. I could be wrong though!

By the way this sponsorship if the API endpoints in bubble and not the API plugin.

The data is already within the call, but not being picked up. I have raised a ticket with the bubble team directly, maybe something can be looked into.

But still happy to sponsor at $200, the work described by you is still needed.

Then it’s as you said. Probably a bug. Thanks for the contribution.

Hey All,

Do you think we waited enough? Should get this project on the road?

I know it’s only 45% funded but I think I can scavenge the rest somehow?

Let me know

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