Upload and Import Multiple CSV Files

I want to have my client be able to upload and import multiple CSV files with one click of a button.

My proposed process is:

  1. Create multiple CSV files from one large CSV file that exceeds the limit that Bubble allows for importing. I can do this in Excel.
  2. Create a CSV file that contains the file names of the individual files from Step 1. Again, I can do this in Excel.
  3. Upload and import the CSV “file of file names” with the File Upload and CSV File Import capabilities of Bubble.
  4. Upload and import the individual CSV files based on the file names in the “file of file names.”

I’ve made it through Step 3. But, I can’t figure out how to tell Bubble to use the file names in the “file of file names” to upload and import the individual files.

I already implemented a process (suggested by Gaby - thank you Gaby) for the customer to upload each individual CSV file and then import them. Doing this requires my customer to click on each individual file. That process may require many clicks.

Is there a better solution to my proposed process that I can implement with one click of a button?


OK … So, I learned more about the File Uploader element and Upload Data as CSV Action within the Data (Things) list of actions.

The File Upload allows you to select a file using a File Explorer window and then upload it to the AWS S3 service that Bubble uses.

The Upload Data as CSV Action must have a file already on the S3 service.

My proposal above will not work. While I can upload a “File of File Names” CSV File. It’s content, the file names, will not have the full path that the Upload Data As CSV Action needs because my external Excel process has no knowledge of Bubble’s S3 service. I build the “File of File Names” in Excel before I get to Bubble.

So, now I’m looking to the Multi-File Uploader - Dropzone (Plugin) element. I want my client to be able to select files within Windows File Explorer and drag/drop the files on the uploader element. I put the uploaded files in a Type called “Log”. From there, I want to send the Log (along with some other identifier data captured in two Dropdown elements) to an API Workflow to use the Upload Data as CSV action to upload the contents of each file into a Type called Data Uploaded. I’m having challenges with this process that I’m working through. If I can’t get it working, I’ll ask for help.

Thanks all!