Upload from CSV

Good day!
How to upload a list of things if each items has some field lists of other things with CSV file?
I have to write JSON array
For “text” it is [“asdf; zxcv;”] - it works
For “things” it doesn’t work

It’s the same array format but you do the unique ID’s of those things

I have to write it in this array?

I tried - doesn’t work

In my case. the “Primary field” is “Name” - I tried this also - doesn’t work

Primary field selection doesn’t affect importing as CSV (sadly, I’ve suggested it to them). If your field type is “Customer” then you put the exact unique ID and Bubble will auto match the Customer with that unique ID.

See this post

Thank you!
I decided the task “upload a thing”
it works!
But another task - “upload a list of thing” - idon’t won yet …
… Bubble probably can’t exact unique ID
and I have to show for bubble, that the are few unique ID

I uploaded CSV in “Temporary Tabl” , all field that contains list of other thing, I made as text (by Name), than created a main thing and by matching list of otehr thing and current list of text, created in the Main Thing, the atribut with list of other thing.
It works!
Thank you, for helping!

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