Uploading new Things - Deeplinks / Dynamic Links Question

Hi there,

I want to upload some ‘things’ to my database via csv. Usually the user creates these but I want to setup a bunch. Couple of things I can’t figure out:

I use the BDK plugin (and build) to create dynamic and deeplinks when the user creates a thing (BN - Create dynamic link). I’m happy to create & upload the text for the dynamic links myself and can see that field in my data csv, but I don’t see a field for the deeplink and don’t know how I can upload that text (and tie it to the dynamic link).
I tried creating an API with the ‘BN - Create dynamic link’ step with the idea of running a Bulk on the new things I create, but don’t know how to feed the rest of the thing into that step (e.g. I need the unique ID for part of the deeplink and some other fields are used in the social settings inputs).
Hopefully the screenshots help, not really sure what I am doing here, probably a better way! Maybe @guarav you might have seen this before?

Second (and smaller) Q - Do I create the unique ID for my new things in my csv and upload it or does Bubble do that?


Hi @gaurav - apologies, I tried to tag you in this but mis-spelled your name. Any help appreciated! Thanks.