Urgent help with clients database information

Good afternoon, I need some help. I’m new to Bubble and I would like to know how do I create a dropbox with the list of registered Clients and when selecting one the data (name, address, phone number, etc.) appear in the specific places.

Hi and welcome to bubble!

You would have a dropdown that searches for registered clients.

Then one on of them is selected, have it set a state for a separate group that houses that registered client.

The separate group would then have a data source that is “This groups X state’s registered client”

In the prior workflow, you’d have an action to display data in a group (the separate group)

Does that make sense?


So, I’m going to explain exactly what I really want to do to see if you can help me with a step by step how to do it.

I work in a monitoring company, we currently use the Excel spreadsheet to record all camera checks. I’m in the process of creating the app with Bubble and this part is making me a little confused, because I don’t know how to do it. I wanted to create something as follows.

A simple dropbox (I click on it and all the clients that I register in the database will appear there.)

Below you will have all the customer information that I select, it doesn’t need to be elaborated, just a simple page, to make it easier for employees to make this check and that the information is saved for when another employee logs in to the site to see this information straight from your account.

Sorry for my not very good English.