URL parameter not being sent via RE


When hors d’oeuvres is clicked, I am trying to pass a parameter through this reusable element: Wowcater | Bubble Editor

to this page: Wowcater | Bubble Editor

The workflow is that when page is loaded it will create a custom state for my repeating group. I have an identical workflow that works to display breakfast items after a breakfast item is added. Not sure why this same workflow is not working.

Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

I just tried it now and after pressing hors d’oeuvres it set the parameter in the URL just fine. Is it something else after that not working?

Hey Tyler, yea in that repeating group (RepeatingGroup The Menu) I’m still only seeing the lunch/dinner items. Also when hors deouvres is clicked the lunch and breakfast buttons should be hidden as well.

Seems like you need to do the “When condition is true” workflow and make it “Everytime” so it’s able to be triggered multiple times even after the page load

Ok I just created that work flow but I’m still running into that issue

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