Use of misunderstood API, empty call in workflow (no data to enter)

Hello everyone,

I started to use the API of YouSign and I have a slight problem if anyone has already used it or a similar API. I have 3 calls in my API that you can find attached to this topic which are : Upload a document, initiate a signature and activate a signature.

The tests that are done on the API connector of bubble went wonderfully well to initialize the API calls. However to really use it on my app, I don’t really understand how I could use them, for example, for the “upload a document” call I find it in my workflow but unfortunately I can’t use it well since it doesn’t give me any data to enter. If anyone knows how to do this or has encountered this problem I’m interested. Thanks

If you want to set a field dinamically in your workflow you need to uncheck “private” on that field.

For example try to uncheck “private” next to “file” in your first screenshot.

Thank you very much, it’s working for the first call, I have the data to enter now, but I’m sorry, I’m a beginner, and I don’t have again the parameters to enter for the second call while I have unchecked the private button. I have only one data which is the id of the first call but I don’t have the info about my user, do you know why?

from the screenshot it looks like you have set up only id as dynamic parameter.

Ok thanks I fixed it. Sorry to bother you but I have one last question. In my workflow, I can use the first two calls I have but not the last one i.e. Activate SR, could you tell me why or otherwise how to use this last call? Thanks
capture 2

the last one is set to “use as” data. If you want to use it in a workflow you need “use as” action like the first 2 you have.

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thanks its working

Happy to help :slight_smile: