Use Stripe with POS though Bubble app


I have the following business model:

I have multiple workspaces for the beauty industry across the country. For example a barber comes at the workspace, has about 10 clients and needs to receive $10 from each client. Each client wants to pay by credit card with the help of a physical POS. (He will not create an account on some app. Just use his credit card)

When customer pays $10 for the haircut, I need to automatically split the payment in the following way:

$5 - goes to the barber
$5 - goes to my business

The barber will use its cash register to print the receipt for $5
My sistem will print the receipt for $5

This can be easily achieved by using Stripe’s Connect & POS. The only issue is that, POS is not yet available in Romania.

Anyone knows any available options?

Thank you

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