User language not recognized inside repeating group?


maybe someone could help me with a little problem? In my multi-language app the user data type has a field “Language” of type text. This field is accessible everywhere, but from within repeating groups, see screen-shots below. Within repeating groups, a dynamic content of type “Current User’s Language” stays empty. Why? I mean, it is not like “Current User” and “Current cell’s User” are the same …

Thanks for any hint ! Regards, O.

1) What it looks like in the editor:

2) What it does when viewed:

Could you demonstrate what the ideal state would be? From what I see, you’re looking to display the current cell’s user’s first name and last name displayed in the current user’s preferred language?

As well, what comes across when you look at it via the debugger?

Hi Dan,

it’s about the RG’s blue header bar, the legends there are supposed to be multi-language. I don’t use App Text, but do it with conditional formatting. Example: On a text element there is a condition “If current User’s Language is english” then the header text is “User”.

The problem is that none of the current users fields is accessible from within the RG. The fields can be chosen to create conditions on elements within the RG, but the so assembled statements just don’t work. It works any place else, but not within the RG, see screenshot below. The red field is for demonstration purposes only, just to show that Current User’s Language is not correctly accessed in the RG. As a consequence, when viewing the page, neither is the language displayed, nor is the header text set to “User”.

Thanks for your help and till soon ! O.

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