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User menu display (SOLVED)

Hey bubblers

I try to finger out how to display a list of menu items the user has in the menu

Okay so user uploads multiple menu items in dashboard

User 2 searches for restaurants selects one now how do I display user 1 menu items

At the moment I have the data saved as (lists of ) and its displayed in a repeating group

The out put I’m getting is the menu is overlapping on 1 coloum

So how do I get them to display 1 per coloum

Did you get this sorted @ItsJustBusiness ?

Or do you still need some help ?

Hi @NigelG I have figured it out.

In the repeating group I set it as do search for menu’s created by current page restaurant

As for the data type I change it from a list of menu items to
-item name
-item price
-item type

So now there individual data types not lists off

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