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User Profile Visibility

I’m building a two sided market place on mobile and I need some help with user profile visibility.
I am trying to create functionality where when a user is searching for services they are able to click a “sellers” profile and display the seller’s services, contact info etc. Can’t seem to access the correct data from the database.

I hope someone could provide me with some guidance. Thanks!

Create a page that e.g. SellersProfile, set its type to match the datatype for where ever the Sellers information is stored.

On the page that lists the sellers or an item for sale has the button to click, you use the navigate workflow and the additional data to send would be the object containing the sellers thing.

On the SellerProfile page, you would add groups and fields to display the information, and they would point back to the parent groups thing, or at the top of the tree Current Page ‘WhateverTheNameIs’.

This is explained in the lessons.

The Sending Data to Pages Tutorial Correct? If so I must be having a little bit of difficulty with the concept. I’ll review again