Using Alerts In Reusable groups

Hi there!

Currently using an alert in my “Signup/Login” Reusable group. Triggering it via custom event to only show when current user is not logged in.

When clicking the “Refer a friend button” on my website, the user (if not logged in) will be prompted with the Reusable login/signup group and an alert. The Alert reads “please login to refer a friend”. My Issue lies in that I dont want to show this alert all the time whenever someone wants to login/signup, and only to show it when the user clicks the Refer A Friend Button.

Since the custom event lies in the Reusable group “Signup/Login” 's workflow, I can’t directly connect it to change specifics in the index workflows.

Thanks, appreciate any advice!

Hi, assuming from what you’ve said that the alert is inside the reusable element - that being the case, add a custom state to the reusable (e.g. ShowAlert, yes / no) and use that on the conditional to make the alert visible. Then just set the state of your reusable from the ‘Refer a friend’ button click before making the login / signup visible.

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