Using the built-in checkbox feature in a RG

I have a data type My Client Hives with a predetermined list of Hive Name. I am displaying the contents of that list in a RG using the built-in checkbox feature. When a use toggles a checkbox on or off an item in the list, I want it add, or remove as appropriate, their userid in the List of Users for that Hive.

The RG and the group it in is set to the datatype.

I am stuck on how do I determine that a list item’s checkbox has been toggled in order to add or remove that users from it’s List of Users. Is there a simpler way to do that with the built-in checkbox feature or do I have to use states?


You need to use a state and trigger workflow when input value has changed.
You will set the item selected in the state (in a list of thing) using current cell item.
You will need two WF, one when the checkbox is checked to add item to the state and one is not checked to remove the item from the state.
On Update my hives button, use the state to remove or add selected item to the current user list

Thanks. I added a custom state to the current cell in the RG but cannot access it outside the RG which means I cannot create any WFs. The RG is in a group of the type My Client Hives.

How do make the state visible?

You need to add custom state to the RG itself, not inside a cell

So I added it to the RG - no luck n adding the current user to the list of users for the selected Hive. Obviously I am doing something wrong…

This what I currently have set up:

  1. The form for the user to make their selections in the RG:

  2. Set the state in the RG:

  3. Event - when they click on the checlbox:

  4. Update button:

The state inRG need to be a list of the RG type. Probably user in your case.

The RG type is “All My Hives” datatype which contains the static list of Hives along with a “List of Users” list field to hold the users who picked that hive

All of the videos/explanations I have found for showing how custom states are all working with the User datatype. I can’t find any that work on a custom datatype and then adding/removing a list of users within that datatype - which is my use case.

Do you know of any that might help?

I’m really struggling with this. For a platform that is supposed to be “no code” it sure does not provide useful documentation on working with custom datatypes - especially for people who not developers to begin with.


Let’s say you have a field “friends” in Users DB. The friends field is type “user” and is a list.

The RG is set to User for type and data source.
You set a state “selected friends”. This state is type “user” and is a list.
You set two WF
A) Trigger: input value has changed (checkbox). Condition: This checkbox is checked > Set state RG “selected friends” = RG Selected friend:plus item curent cell user
B) Trigger: input value has changed (checkbox). Condition: This checkbox isn’t checked > Set state RG “selected friends” = RG Selected friend: minus item curent cell user

Button save wf: Make change to current user, friends field add list RG selected friends

Right. And what if instead of being on the Users data type I have a custom daya type called Hives that contains the names of Hives that a user can join. For each Hive name I want to associate the list of users that joined that hive name by selecting the hive name in a RG where all the hive names are listed.

This is my use case I am trying to build.

With my example, you should be able to transpose this to your case
I guess ou have Hives datatype and you should have the same field as a list into the user DB.
RG state and type will be hives
When user check or uncheck , update the state with the current cell hives
Button click to save, update user will the state.