Using the search result to go to the relevant address


I am building a social networking site and I am using a search box to search for different uses. When someone types “Ka” the search box prompts ‘Kate’. What I want to do is that when the user clicks on ‘Kate’, then they should be redirected to ‘Kate’ s profile page.

How do I do that.


Have a workflow that’s set to run when the value of an input field changes. Have it set to run for the search field. This way, when the user clicks “Kate” it’ll select that value for the search field thereby triggering your workflow.

In the workflow, include 1 action to navigate to a new page and pass the search field’s selected value so that it goes to, say, Kate’s profile page.

Thank you for the information. However now I am seeing that if I create another profile with name “Kate” it is suffixed by a (1). Is there anyway to remove that.


I suspect that is Bubble’s default behavior. Don’t know whether there’s a way to turn that off.

This said, there’s another way to implement search that gives you more freedom and flexibility than Bubble’s default search field. It’s more involved though, so pick your poison. Here are the details.

How did you get: ‘input - 4 - search for attendees’ option.

I feel that User’s First Name is a field you want to search and ‘input’ is the dynamically set input element here.

When I try to do that, I get this

I am trying to do it for username. Can you guide me on this on how to move ahead.


This was the name of an input field that I used on that page. I don’t recall the details or else I’d be happy to walk you through it.

Here’s what I do recall:

  • I used an input field instead of a search field.
  • I displayed the results in a repeating group (RG).
  • I used a separate input field that enabled me to show the RG irregardless of capitalization of the input (which is case sensitive by default using this method, I believe). I don’t quite remember how this worked.

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