Variables in repeater groups

Good Morning!

I searched here but couldn’t find a topic about my question.

I wanted to know how to define variables for each line of a repeater group. Similar to a variable vector [n].

The set state are fixed and end up not working for just one line.

My wish is to enable a check icon when a button within a repeater group is clicked.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @asimas :wave:

I think to access each line of repeating group you can use Current cell index
Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 16.20.00

Hi, mdburnhan3,

Thanks for the answer. My question is how do I create conditions with this data.

For example, if I create a custom state x for each action I can set any value for this variable in Workflow. But my question is how to ensure that this variable is related only to the line of the current index.

Maybe it’s something simple that I’m stuck :grin:.

Hello @asimas welcome to the community!

You can either build conditions from each item’s fields values … or you can check if an entry of the repeating group is part of a list located somewhere else.


When a row button is checked you could add this row item onto a list custom state … or even better to a hidden rg.

And you could add a condition to the icon to show as “checked” if the visible row item is part of the hidden rg (or list custom state).

Hope this makes sense :smiley: