Versions have disappeared

My user database has been wiped. And all previous version deployments have disappeared. I didn’t touch my app all day yesterday, and my one of my admins noticed that it suddenly wiped users. It happened when Noone was actively editing the app. I cannot even revert back to a previous version because it claims I have never deployed it to live. My changes are still live, but my users have been wiped. Admins were still able to see their admin panel, even though they didn’t have a login anymore. User login check is in place so I’m confused how they could still see it.

How do I get my data back? This worries me to continue development if this is going to happen again. I’m on the professional plan. I don’t want to continue without fixing this, if I can.

Kindest Regards,

Nova Shikirori

If you haven’t yet, best is to submit a support ticket. Good luck!