Video transcoding in muvi

Can any make me understand why is it important in streaming? i have tried lot of ways and seen lot of videos still not getting to understand.

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Hey @Jefrrey_Smith i will try to make you understand,
it’s important to understand the process of transcoding and how it affects the quality of your video stream. Transcoding is the process of converting a video file from one format to another. This is important in streaming because different devices have different specifications for video playback. By transcoding your video, you can ensure that it will play back smoothly on any device. And as you wanted to know more specific about muvi get through this blog to understand in more brief about Video Transcoding in muvi video streaming:
In which you will be able to know:

  1. The Importance of Video Transcoding
  2. What is Video Transcoding?
  3. How does Video Transcoding Work?
  4. The Benefits of Video Transcoding
  5. Why is Video Transcoding Important for Streaming?
  6. Conclusion
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Thanks a lot @souravmalhotra276 for helping me out it was such a nice content and the blog was just awsome.

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