View safeguarding reports

When a user type in a students name they will see a button that opens a pop up that displays that specific students safeguarding reports.

They will be able to click on a report to view it’s entireity. How do I do this?

Still need help

Try going through first.

Have done, still unsure.

What specific part are you struggling with?
Can you provide us a link to the editor with what you have so far?

The more info the faster someone will jump in to figure it out :slight_smile:

Sure, how exactly do I grab the link for it? Never sent anybody a link to the editor before.

Essentially what I’m finding hard is getting the reports to show up on the users safeguarding popup, and also for the user to be able to click and open the safeguarding report(s) and view them. Sorry if it’s a bad description, hard to describe without showing.

Can anybody help?

display data in pop up
or display {whatever user}'s reports in repeating group list.

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