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Vimeo video in bubble - view progress page

Hi, I’m using bubble video element to display my vimeo video on my page, may I know how to trace the user in the bubble, who watched the video, percentage of watching, or completed watching, how to do this function on my page?

You can’t do this with the standard Bubble Video element…

But it’s fairly simple using Vimeo’s Player SDK, or (I think) there’s a Bubble Vimeo plugin which lets you do it as well.

In any case, you’ll need to create a datatype that stores the video progress for each user, with (at the very least) fields for User (User), video position (number), percentage watched (number), completed (yes/no), and Video (which should be a datatype of its own, storing the Vimeo video ID and any other data about the video).

Then whenever a video is stopped/paused, or a new one is loaded, run the appropriate action (either using JavaScript, or the Vimeo plugin), to get the current play position and store it on the user_video_progress_record.

Whenever a video is loaded, you can set the play position so it resumes where the User left off.

Hi , Adamhholmes , Thank you for the information :grinning:

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