Visibility Conditional Not Working

I’m producing an app that allows visitors to a facility sign in when they arrive at the facility (not like sign in to an app, but sign in to show they’re present in the building). I have a data type called CheckpointLog that’s holding all the records for these sign ins.

I have a reusable element that I’m trying to show on pages when someone signs in to the building. I have a yes/no field called Processed that I’m trying to use to toggle visibility of the reusable element (floating group). Below is the conditional I’m using.


The reusable element is not showing when I create a new CheckpointLog record using the sign in form. I have it set in the CheckpointLog data type to set the Processed field as ‘no’ by default. So, in theory, when a new entry to the database is entered, this should show the reusable floating group.

What am I doing wrong? If I need to provide additional information, please let me know. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance.

My first thought was “:first item”?

If you are adding a new log (which should default to “no”) wouldn’t you want to check the last row added (which would be the new row you just added)?

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Thank you, @firstfifteensoftware ! That was it. I knew it couldn’t be that far off. My thinking was ‘first item in the data type that has ‘no’ for Processed.’ I am new to Bubble, so I’m still figuring things out. Again, thank you so much for pointing this out and putting me on the right path!

Hey, I’ve been using Bubble for only two months myself, so anytime I can actually help someone is great!

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