Voice Note Recording

Hi! Since Ziggeo integration was just released, and it uses the device’s mic and camera. Is there any way that I can record a voice note entry (only audio)? For example, like the whatsapp voice note feature.


Not sure Ziggeo lets you do this, so it’d need to be another plugin. Let us know if you see something good out there.

I already contacted Ziggeo, this is what they reply to me:

“We are planning to add audio-only this coming quarter (Q2). I unfortunately don’t know where you can find it now.

So, lets wait. Hopefully their Bubble plugin will be updated after that happens, if is necessary. :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for bringing up and looking into, @CapiBalid - we are actually very interested in this as well.

Looking forward to Q2!

Could we record the video and audio without showing the video, like minimizing the frame size? would it be possible?

Actually, that might work.

As long as you can control the playback, you could hide the video.

lunlun21 did you try audio recording without showing the video?

@NigelG would you know of any audio recorder plug ins or APIs where you can also transcode with different bitrates? Trying to record an audio note and then format it in a certain way.

I don’t I am afraid, no. Ziggeo still have not implemented this.