Wait timer on auto change workflow


I’m struggling to reset the “wait timer” in the workflow, which results in the timer running asynchronous to the things view.

I have a automatic “slide change” in my app.

Show image 1
(wait X seconds)
Show news feed
(wait X seconds)

It’s all on one page and is shown/hidden with a “Type identifier” in DB.

I have a news feed API template, that loops through a workflow.
Show item 1 > wait 3s > Show item 2
When the News feed is hidden, it resets to Item 1.

Back to this issue:
Show image 1
(wait 10 seconds)
Show news feed (Item 1 → wait 3 seconds → Item 2)
(Reset loop)

When going the second time around, the news feed keeps counting. So, Item 1 only lasts for 1 second instead of 3. How can i reset the wait timer to only start when i show news feed?

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