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🔔 HOW to set up push notifications with Natively + One Signal

Spoiler - it will take you about 15 minutes :alarm_clock:

15 days ago we released Natively - a developer tool to convert your Bubble web app to iOS/Android native app

Push notifications have become the most requested feature for our users.

​Notifications can give users timely and important information, whether the device is locked or in use. For example, notifications can signal when a message arrives, an event is about to occur, or there’s a status change.

Therefore, we have made detailed instructions with videos on how to set up push notifications using Natively + One Signal.

STEP 1 Convert your app

To enable Push Notifications, you need to convert your Bubble app to iOS / Android

With Natively, you can do it yourself in minutes.



STEP 2 Enable push notifications

To configure your app to work with push notifications, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Add the Push Notification feature to your Bundle Identifier.
  2. Generate a Push Notification certificate (.p12).
  3. Create One Signal App.
  4. Enable the Push Notification feature and fill out all relevant information.



STEP 3 Test Push Notifications in Preview Mode

Preview mode is a simple way to test your app on a real device and see how it looks before buying a build.

  1. Download the NCNP app from AppStore.

  2. Open your app details screen.

  3. Set “preview” in mode (headers) in a plugin.

  4. Launch a preview mode with Preview the app button.



More about Natively - website

Contact me if you need help or details.

:ok_hand:Have good no-coding!

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Do you have an idea when Access to Native Contacts will be available?

Hello, John! @john.akinyemi

We’re instantly implementing new native features. If you have ideas, feel free to submit them on this page.

Android :robot:

Generate a Google Server API Key

Add Android to the OneSignal app target SDK

Add OneSignal App Id to the Push Notification section on the Native Feature step

very very difficult… OneSignal…:confounded::sweat_drops:
I typed in android studio and did a lot of work…
It would be very helpful to have a more comprehensible video for android…

Hi, @tyokinsaiko
Thank you for your feedback. It is vital for us now.

We have created a video on how to set up One Signal notifications for Android App.

Let me know if you need any help (or have more great ideas :handshake:).

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I was able to!!
Thank you very much!!

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