We found bad DNS records

Hi and Thanks in advance,

I have tried to add my domain but the following message comes up:

I have added the A Record to GoDaddy and its live on their side.

Bubble is saying “There is no issues this side, please check with domain manager”

Go Daddy is saying “It is all live this side, no reason why it isn’t working”.

Does anyone know what else i can do?

I have tried deleting and redo’ing, and waiting 48hours. Still the same “Bad records” sign.


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can you send a screenshot of your DNS configuration? feel free to blur out identifying text

Hi @mac2,

This is what its looking like on the GoDaddy end:

Here is the Bubble End:


Confused. That GoDaddy screenshot doesn’t have any of the records Bubble is telling you to add.

Have I been completely stupid? I was under the impression i had to add the A Record
Was I meant to add (to godaddy) the 4 records in the box?

Yes, in GoDaddy - delete that existing A record and add the 4 that Bubble are telling you to.

When you’re done, use this site to check your changes look like they are propagating correctly https://www.whatsmydns.net/ that way you don’t need to wait long to see if you have it right.

Okay, thanks, will check on that site.

GoDaddy isn’t adding the a records that have WWW in them:

Is that a problem?

Yes you need to add them. But first you need to delete that incorrect A record, the 3rd one in the list (maybe that’s why adding the www ones isn’t working)

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Sorry just rechecked your screenshot. You also shouldn’t have that CNAME www record either, so delete that as well.

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Thanks, have deleted the above and added the 4 A records in the bubble box.
Will wait for them to propagate and let you know.

It’s looking promising.


Its worked!
Thank you so much for your help. I am new to building, so I appreciate your patience.

No problem

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Hi, I have the same problem and everything seems to be set up pretty well but the changes are not loading up properly even after waiting for more than 3 days. What could be the possible problem?

Here is what Bubble says

Can you post a screenshot of your full DNS settings in GoDaddy I.e. all entries, so we can see if there are any conflicting ones.
Also worth posting a screenshot of your domain settings page in Bubble.

Hi there, here is my DNS settings in GoDaddy

My bubble settings are here too: