Weird error: Data only displays when Debugger open

My Org data shows up when the Debugger is activated:

When Debugger is off, the data disappears:

I have ZERO clues about where/how to fix this!

Any thoughts, y’all?

I made the background of the organization data field red for debugging:

This error is so weird.

Thoughts, anyone?

Looks like a lottery :slight_smile:
What’s the prize if someone would guess what’s inside your setup?

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Background: There is a search done during Page is loaded that stores a reference object in a state. Then, on page, that reference object is used to search for the correct item to display for each row in the repeating group.

I never “solved” this, but I did find a workaround by loading the data in a different way.

I don’t see a way to close this topic, but we can consider it closed. Thanks!

It’s quite possible the workflow actions you set to fire in a certain order, are slowed down and fire when in debug mode, but when you go live, the actions run more in parallel (not in order), so the data source was populating empty data before page load. Just a theory!

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