What access am I giving through a plugin?

This may be a dumb question, but if add a plugin to my app does the plugin-developer have access to my app? Am I giving them access that maybe an un-trust worthy could take advantage of? I have exclusively used plug-ins from trusted developers like @copilot and @levon but I found a plug-in that is developed by someone whom I have not seen in the forum and I want to make sure I am not giving him the keys to the candy store either with my data or my users Data.

One last thing, the plugin is for upload care, and the users will be giving access to their dropbox, google drive, facebook, etc…

Thank you!



You right. Bubble revised new plugin before releasing, and at what level? How a
corrupted plugin can affect our data? Do we have a mechanism to detect what data is being transfer to unknown site? no…

unless the plugin came from a trusted developers… not sure about this one too!

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