What are your recommendations for this type of app?

Hey guys,

I’ve spent my time building out a matching and chat app on bubble and I’m down to the final piece which would be some sort of notification function. The goal was to make the web app feel like a native app.

I’ve read on the forum about people using OneSignal for push notifications but wasn’t really sure about the next steps. Has anyone used this for a strictly mobile web app before - if so, what does that look like once implemented?

If I can’t use this I figured I’d just send email notifications once a user gets a message but I fear that it would get annoying pretty fast. Any guidance would be great.



Hi Josh, you made a good effort but the design is does not look very professional. I would suggest you try to copy another app design that uses message or chat feature. And you can try copy the bottom navigation from another app too.

The second screen is modified from my app messages and the first screen was designed for you just now. This is how Askip used to function but now they dont show public messages anymore. You could create an app like this.

Thanks for the information, but the design for the chat windows and conversations list are completely separate and already done. I’m looking for information about notifications.

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