What do you guys think of this dashboard?

Hello again,
I just found the plugin used and it called Timex (use list dates)
That is quite simple, all you have to do is the following:
Do a search for “bookings” (conditionals: user is current user) individual dates intersect with timex list dates:count. The timex you set it to be month and the date to be current date, unit day. Because I was using it accordingly with a custom made calendar I made some adjustments in the plugin element you insert in the page. For example I actually inserted 2 elements one set at current month and another one set at current month - 1 month (previous month) in order to get additional statistics like evolution from one month to another, etc.

The timex list dates essentialy what it does is it tells you how many days there are in a certain month. This is very helpful since there are months with different ammounts of days and in the case of february it differs every 4 years. So again it really helps you getting statistics on monthly, weekly basis.


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