What do you guys think of this dashboard?

What do you guys think about this statistics panel? What ideas should I change or not


My first thought is that it looks good! Some thoughts:

  • It’s a bit heavy on the red. This may be a UX choice that’s not visible from the sketch, but from having sat through countless management presentations, red to me means we’re losing money :wink:
  • The alignment on the calendar days is a few pixels off
  • I find it a bit confusing on the left sidebar that the headers are normal and menu fields are bold. Maybe it would make sense to switch the styles?

Thanks for the reply mate. The red has to do with with logo colors. As with the menu it sounds great your idea.

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I have put those percentage gains in every section so the user can check gains or losses from previous month.

How did you create this dashboard? Was it from scratch or using a template? It’s nice

Thanks mate. I did from scratch. It is quite simple actually.

Is there a tutorial for the left to right dashboard design?

Well the looks is quite simple. To get the blocked dates in the calendar and the statistics I had to put a bit of thought into but eventually figured it out. No paid plugins used which is a big plus

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What you mean by left to right?

Just how the user menu is on the left side of the screen and the content is to the right of the user menu

I will be honest with you mate. If there is a tutorial I do not know. For me is always about intuition. I try to look for what other apps are doing and such and choose what I think looks great and then apply it into what I am doing. What you see is all done with groups. The menu is a group and it looks the same in every page but with different commands and such, depending on what page it is.

Ah ok good to know. Well it looks great man good job! I’ll try learn some more about groups now.

Do that I am not a expert but from m experience with bubble a groups and repeating groups are the basis for any app organization.

What is it you are trying to create

Ah ok, so groups are important. I want to create a web app that replicates the Canva* design

I see. That seems complex but I believe is certainly doable. Good luck

I can recommend this as an outstanding tutorial on this topic. I learned a ton from this.

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Heyy how did you get your fields to show the totals? Let’s say you have a days occupied total of 6 days, can you help me doing that? I want to add all the hours my volunteer work and put it on their dashboard.

Hi Alicia.
In order to get that it is a bit tricky. I don´t use that app anymore and actually I am selling it atm. Nevertheless from what I can recall it works somewhat in this way:
In order to get the totals I use a basic function of Do a search for thing, which has dates in current month. Because this was for a hotel rentals, I saved different types of dates. So I saved Start date and end date. Then I saved also all the dates within start and end, not including last date, because say you have a booking from 10 to 19 and someone else wanted to book the 19th they couldn´t because it would show blocked in the map (checkouts would be till 12pm and checkins starting at 15pm). These dates saved also helped me counting the total of booked nights (somewhat you are asking) and then produce statistics on top of that and so on. In order to save individual hours, I am not sure how you can do that tbh, in my case for days I used a plugin but can’t remember the name. Hopefully this was helpful.


This was helpful, now I know it has to be done through a plugin.

However, can you tell me more about producing statistics. Let’s say you did a basic function and found that it was rented for 4 days this week, 2 the next and 3 the last week of the month. How did you produce the statistic that said it was occupied for 9 days, was that with the plug in or just a function?