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What Do You Think Of This Dashboard?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a new tool for Social Media listening and brand mentions. Here is the dashboard I have designed, its a email style inbox but instead of emails it’ll be mentions of your brand, including social posts, tweets, forum discussions etc.

Keen to nail the design first time round, what are your thoughts of the below?


Looks good! Nice job.

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Looks slick, I really like it. What API are you using?

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Thanks! We’re using a number of API’s to pull the data through, then run a api on our end to store it and manipulate it

I like the UI big time :+1:t2:


Looking great and I actually really like the idea, not heard of a product that does this in the way you have designed. :slight_smile:

But this never happens :point_up: :wink:

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Thanks Paul! We’ll be running a lifetime deal promo when it launches, would you be interested in getting in on the deal?

And yes, I’ve never nailed it first time but I’m trying to get it as close to perfect as I can

Nice design! I’ve realised you’ve got a thing for purple - it’s almost as if it turns you on :rofl:. Nice design once again - seriously m8

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Lovely! Very well designed, love the cleanliness!

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Haha thanks! Yes it just seems to work well lol

Thank you!

I like the UI, and I think it’s a great idea. Let me know when you launch!

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Thanks! We actually decided not to launch this one!

It is very hard to keep up with your output … even for me … and we work together :wink:

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Haha, I know, I have a problem :crazy_face::joy:

Beautiful design, what software do you use to design @help?

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Thanks! I don’t actually use any specific software, just design straight on Bubble!


Hey @help!

How easy is it to get Twitter setup with a database to send out tweets based on a dynamic text field?

I’ve got all the community products/tools/templates/lessons/courses being launchrd and would like to tweet out support and congratulate the makers each time.

You would need a posting Api set up with bubble, likely a plugin in the marketplace for this already. Then you just have a trigger that then posts congratulating the user whenever it’s triggered.
What is the dynamic text field?