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What Does Can't Grant Search Access Right Now Mean?

I am getting this astrix now and don’t really understand what It means…

That means the condition you’re trying to set is to complex at this stage for our privacy/db engine. Essentially you’re doing on thing A.

Thing A’s Thing’s B’s creator is XX

We don’t support this yet.


So what exactly would happen now if I left it like this?

I see that it’s blanked out the ability to change the Find This In Searches Settings… But is that the only thing that the system can’t do now? The rest will function + the think must be findable with a search?

The rule won’t be applied.

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How would you do membership based security?

How is the following accomplished.

Thing Creature’s membership = current user’ membership

Sine data should be available to anyone with that same membership.

This would allow everyone of the same membership view the table. So what is the current implementation method?


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