What is faster? create a new thing or copy a list of (one) thing?

I have one data type in my database, let’s call it “Action”, that is central to what the whole app is about. There are currently 51 fields in the Action type and it’s likely to grow by ten or twenty as the app is fleshed out.

There are many instances in which an Action is copied to create another Action to be worked on in the future. From a (no-) coding perspective it is very tedious to Create a new Action, specifying most of the values of fields copied from the original Action.

I am currently going through a process of adding quite a few fields to Action and therefore changing the workflow actions where an Action is copied. It’s tedious and potentially error prone, but it has worked in the past for smaller changes to the Action data type.

I’m wondering if I would be better off doing two steps:

  1. Copy a list of Actions where there is only the one Action :converted to a list.
  2. Make changes to Action (the first and only thing in the list produced by step 1), changing only the few fields that will be different in the new Action thing.

At run time, is it faster to use the Copy a List action for a single thing followed by Make changes to set the few unique field values? Or is it faster to do a single Create a new Action specifying as many as fifty fields’ values?

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Why don’t you build both on a test page and measure the start and ending times for both? Display the duration times via text elements.

Would be great to learn about your findings, Do share :grinning:

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