What is the easiest way to take payments in a single page application?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an easy way to offer payments in my single page application, i.e. without leaving the page.

I have so far played around with the Stripe plugin. The old version (V2) works in a pop-up on the same page, but looks rather ugly, while the newer version (V3) looks much better, but takes the user to another page, which means that I lose all my custom states. Also, it seems as though there is only the option to pay by credit card with this plugin?

Then, I have also seen that I could try to implement it with Stripe Js, or Braintree, but before I spend many hours trying out all these, I thought I might as well ask for help from the more experienced people here :smile:


If you’re charging in the US, you can simply use the charges with card tokens from Stripe.

Have a look at my Bubble on rails template, it does just that.