What new documentation would be helpful?

Hi Bubble community,

Some of you may have noticed new bits of content added to our Manual recently (example). New features we roll out also generally get corresponding Reference content and, if significant, new Manual content.

We’re open to suggestions on additional content that would be helpful! Manual or Reference (or something else), short or long - what content would help you now, or would have helped you as you learned Bubble?



The custom event part of the reference is quite confusing and broken up into multiple areas. If you don’t know what to search for and spend the time piecing together information, it’s hard to understand how “Trigger a custom event” works.

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Changing parameters or path without reloading/gotopage


Oh, and anchor links using element ID’s :smile:

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Plugin creation documentation.


Thanks all - keep any requests coming! I’m adding content to the Manual and Reference in response to these suggestions.

@jackablett85 - what documentation in addition to this Manual section would be helpful?

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@allenyang, PRIVACY RULES.

I feel like privacy rules should be taught on par with database structure. It will be extremely important, especially as no code gains popularity, for the apps that are produced out of this community to be secure and protect their users well.

When I was getting started it was impossible to find good information on what the privacy rules are and how they work. I don’t believe much has changed around that topic.


More information about Version Control would be useful. For instance what parts are isolated in each version e.g. data types, app settings, plugins along with syncing with other versions and dealing with conflicts.



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I’d second the Plugin documentation. Trying to build even some simple things requires pouring over the forum for gems of information or deciphering someone else’s code with forking/a lot of console.log to understand how things are working. God bless everyone in the forum for the help but some proper docs (with examples) would boost the functionality of bubble by enabling plugin creators.


Hey Eli. I’m a new user and struggling with this exact topic. Have been able to use forum to find answers to other questions, but not the very basics of privacy rules set up. Have been able to figure out how to set up roles for data types (eg User vs Admin) with different rights. But not how to tie users to those roles (IE how to say this particular user id is an Admin). Were you ever able to find some basic instructions on how to do that?

Lists were very confusing at first, and some things like Copy list were not documented and apparently do something very different than I expected (it really should be called Duplicate imho and I’m still not even sure its purpose)

What I did learn about it was from some videos, which considering the community has created so many great videos, should absolutely be included in the documentation. The community has motivation and talent, and has already created some great resources - use them please!

Excellent example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yahP3RyVggY&t=251s

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I need to third this, it is incredibly frustrating. I really think that if the documentation doesn’t come with at least a code example it shouldn’t be released. Plugins are coders releasing their code to a no-code universe with no documentation and expecting them to just figure it out somehow - that’s nuts.

Perhaps a way for the community to add to the plugin docs would be really helpful. I don’t mind contributing back what I learned, but me dumping it into these forums is not idea for anyone. I think this would be a pretty simple solution - give us a thread attached to each plugin, right on the plugin page. Link to this forum, give each plugin an automatic page in a new forum thread under Plugins. Content needs to be example based. Videos allowed.

I promise you I will add to them as I learn new things.

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Just to be clear about what I meant: I mean documentation about building plugins; accessing data, thing of things, stuff like that.

I can also agree that minimum documentation for third party plugins may also be desirable, however.

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Will collect and post a list of documentation areas that could use some love, but number one right now is: BUILDING PLUGINS (as @grottofilms mentioned). I’ve been collecting answers from forum posts, keeping specific code examples, and creating my own documentation in Notion (will also release this into the wild soon)

On that note, I’m curious if it would be worth allowing comments/suggestions/edits/tips directly on the documentation, Wiki style. If not through Bubble’s official docs than maybe through a public Notion version?


It’s a cool idea. I doubt anyone wiki-ing in there would cause havoc but it’s a consideration. Not sure the best way to handle that is. Certainly, the community here is amazing and could help but might cause a lot of admin/curation time for you guys. Official docs need to be official, so to speak. I have had instances where I glean something from looking at the official docs that I hadn’t understood before and knowing that they’re official, I can go back and stare at them for a while until something clicks in the brain. Does that make sense?

That said, searching the forum isn’t always immediately helpful either…would be nice to have some kind of option to other resources there. Not sure the best way to go, though. Notion might work but unfamiliar with it…something like a collection of sticky posts about the subject might be useful.

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It would be amazing if you would provide “Bubble Built” examples for us to look at when looking through documentation.

For example, imagine I’m new. I click on groups and there is a code page example showing each type with buttons that say things like “show me a floating group”.

Just a thought. I like many others had to learn through hundreds of hours of forum reading and videos from forum members.

Definitely agree, and it makes sense what you’re saying about the “official” docs. I use the documentation in the same way: usually I’ll copy the docs into a Notion page as-is, then add links to forum posts inline where I think they add useful expansion or clarification, or code block examples, etc.

It’s a tricky thing to approach, no doubt, but this Bubble Forum already has badges for participating in certain ways. It could be an interesting side-step to allow wiki-style editing, but only from members who have reached a certain level of participation?


Privacy and security

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I agree, some more details on data privacy and security would be nice.

@allenyang Is it possible to open up the documentation editing to some of us more advanced users? I would love to contribute by clarifying sections that I’ve had to muddle my way through.