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What other #nocode tools do you use?

Obviously there is quite a high Blockspring usage among Bubblers … but what else do you use ?

To kick off … I use Google Sheets (obviously), and love for getting data.


I do appreciate the Zapier plugin in Bubble for exporting to G Sheets updated key metrics about my visitors activities.
I used Kimono Labs for scraping but it’s been a while now.

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Great question, would love to know from the community as well.

I’ve stumbled across glorified database type tools, such as Caspio, Knack, Zoho Creator etc, but these lack many of the features needed to build a real app.

There is also Stamplay, but this requires that you still create your own frontend code :confused:

Hopefully in the next 2 years, we’ll see big advancements in the Visual Programming / #nocode world!


Zapier is one I haven’t looked at, so thanks @NicolasDap :slightly_smiling:

Stamplay was on my radar, and it looks like you could hook it into the Bubble API as well ?

I haven’t signed up because you need a Github account, and that makes me feel a bit dirty :mask:

Not sure about two years Chris, but where Bubble (and others) have come in just 6 months is incredible. You can build such a lot now without a single line of code.

You were right about Stamplay … the intro video showed some sort of developer console within 3 seconds. I thought you might be able to hook the “tools” part together in Zapier/IFTTT way but doesn’t seem that way.

So fails my #nocode test :slightly_smiling:

There is also

Creo App
Application Craft

Though I think Bubble is far more intuitive.

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hmmm… Creo App is Mac only, app-press is mobile only, and I tried to sign up with Application Craft but there was an error adding to Chrome and also another error signing up by email.

I’ll keep Bubbling along.

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Bubble is the way to go. If someone like me, who had no experience with app design or coding a month ago can now confidently build, then that says it all!


because they may be testing the market

@NicolasDap No… it looks like they are dead…

Oracle APEX.

I wonder why Google still didn’t do something like this to run on the top of App Engine.

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