Whats your insight on the freelance market

How was your experience freelancing in the past year ? Do you find that the demand is increasing for bubble developers and its easier to land clients or you had the opposite experience and you find it harder to land clients than past years ? Is freelancing with bubble becoming oversaturated ?

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demand relatively the same, average prices going down for all but top devs

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Bubble seems to be attracting more ‘developers’ than they are clients. Feels like the demand for developers/freelancers has gone down, despite the fact that Bubble has more active users, likely, as I said, it might be due to what seems like more users signing up to be developers rather than building an app for themselves.

So, yes, definitely seems the market for developers is oversaturated and it is harder to land clients because there are more developers available while the number of potential clients might be similar to past or less.

Additionally, because of the oversaturation with developers and very low skilled ones, the price people are charging for development services is lower and so potential clients, who most are very price sensitive (which is why they use Bubble and not traditional code) are utilizing the services of the lower skilled, lower wage developers.

You can see this by looking at the number of posts in the Jobs/Freelance section of the forum that are by ‘developers’ looking for work.

I believe Bubble understands that developers do drive more Users for Bubble as the really good go-getter developers and agencies are pouring their own resources into advertisements and client acquisition, which may be bringing new clients to Bubble, rather than new Bubble users reaching out to the developers. So Bubble may have been putting more marketing resources into attracting the types that would be developers.


Like you mention at the end, I’d say it also has a lot to do with Bubble’s marketing strategy this year which is to convince founders they can hop on Bubble and build something like on Squarespace in a week - they’re attracting more, low value clients than people that can afford to contract.



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I am doing freelancing myself and I think demand has decreased for developers. In 2023, more developers came into the market than the new clients.